Feminist Activism Now

Contemporary feminist activism takes many forms, from creating pressure through social media to staging street protests, to behind the scenes campaigning and service provision. It may involve individuals who have never met in person, informal voluntary groups and more formal charities and NGOs. The issues encompass just about anything that affects women and girls from advertising, to violence, health and education, to work and migration. Some groups who focus on on one main area to others that campaign about various issues. Here are a couple of examples. There are hundreds more.

Feminist Fightback for example are a London based collective, going for about 7 years  who have protested about reproductive rights, detention centres, employment rights and much more.

On the hand Southall Black Sisters started in 1979  by a group of women initially to support women in the struggle against racism gradually became mainly focussed  on gender based violence — although they also have campaigned against religious fundamentalism, and are active in protests relating to immigration policies. They are fairly stable organization who have with much struggle manged to obtain funding to support their work. You can find out about them on their website, but also in this  video Southall Black Sisters